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Historical Reminiscents

May 23, 2018

Representation matters.  Seeing people like yourself within your profession, in leadership roles, and succeeding in their work can make a huge impact on the careers of new and emerging professionals. In today's episode I talk about the lack of diversity within public history, archives, and the heritage field more broadly.  I also provide examples of ways to make space for marginalized folks in your work.

I would love to hear how other people challenge the status quo within their field or workplace, leave a comment or send me a message on Twitter.

Mentioned in this episode:
-NCPH So White?
-Gregory Rosenthal, Roanoke made me queer again
-Radiah Harper,  25 Ways to See and Act on Decentering Whiteness in Museums
-Michelle Caswell and Gracen Brilmyer, "Identifying and Dismantling White Supremacy in Archives" poster.